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We Are Back in Business!

New location is 310 Airport Rd., So. in Pearl, MS right next to D Noblin furniture.  Opening Sep. 1st, we resume our previous business....except NOW we are part of "The Stompin' Grounds". When you come in, it will be recognizable, with originals as well as nuances!  'Cmon, we are READY!  We now have a definite place of operation, and look forward to seeing you. Both phone numbers below are correct, so book a party at OUR place or host a mobile party at YOUR location.

601-397-6579 Phone
769-218-6697 Cell


Best Party Ever!

Each party-goer gets to do a mosaic project with choice of grout color. When you schedule a party for at least 5, it includes:

  • Project for each person
  • Your choice of wood cutouts
  • Glue, cups, brushes
  • Mixed, tumbled variety of glass & mirror pieces
  • Grout
  • Complete Instructions
  • Bags & tissue paper
  • Mosaic "coach - teacher"
  • Printed invitations

Here's How it Works!

Book a mobile party to host at YOUR location, and we supply everything,

  1. CHOOSE a project!
  2. SELECT your pieces of glass, tile, or marbles. Everything's included!
  3. GLUE the pieces onto your project like puzzle pieces.
  4. WE take the projects with us to grout and epoxy, and then we deliver the finished projects back to you.

Do you want to grout it yourself? We'll show you HOW and leave the grout with you, along with complete instructions.

The Artist

Wanda Hendrix

Wanda Hendrix

I go for the “wow” factor.  I want you to see my work and be awed.  And then I want to share it with you - show you HOW and help you create your own “wow” piece and feel as good about your work and yourself as I do. Each piece should show a personality all its own.  It should catch the viewer’s eye and imagination and hold it, or make the viewer do a “double take”, and make you want to do one, too.  Sharing the excitement of mosaics is vital, and to catch someone’s eager interest is as rewarding as the completion of each mosaic. An art background set me on the search for the field that completes me.  Exploring so many different media has led me to find the most satisfaction in creating mosaics and in sharing that with a public eager to do it, too, finding the artist within each of us.  

We have 14 guests online

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